Welcome to Murase & Shimada Laboratory

Our main research and develop area is largely depends on networking because we are working as Advanced Networking Division, Information Technology Center, Nagoya University. The core topics are development of information systems via network, study on its basic technologies, and study on security of the various systems. Furthermore, we widely explore about information security, technology of distributed artificial intelligence, network application, and green computing technology as network related reseach areas.

Research Topics

  • Secure and convenience next-generation network

    As you know, the Internet has become an essential infrastructure for society as a tool for transmitting various information. However, it is used for many incidents and crimes, such as computer viruses, internet scams, and information leaks. In order to detect these signs of malicious activities and take measures in advance, we develop various attack observation systems and traffic analysis systems. Moreover, although IPv6 is expected as a next-generation network, many confusions occur if it become common as it is because some new functions are added without sufficient verification. We develop some new systems for stable IPv6 operation.

    • Develop honeypot systems that actively and automatically track cyber attacks
    • Develop analysis algorithms to extract unknown cyber attacks
    • Develop methods to identify many malicious activities in Social Networks
    • Develop technologies to cover many security issues caused by the specifications of IPv6
    • Security of home electronics network
  • Basic technology of green computing

    In recent years, it becomes common that even in home appliances receive any information via the Internet. Therefore, power consumption of servers and routers that compose the Internet are increasing year by year. In order to realize green computing to alleviate this problem, we research the following basic technologies.

    • Low power computer architecture
    • Virtual server management algorithm
    • Dynamic network operation using OpenFlow
    • Low power network processor architecture



Tutomu Murase

Associate Professor

Hajime Shimada

Assistant Professor

Yukiko Yamaguchi

Collaborative Professor

Hiroki Takakura (Professor, National Institute of Informatics)
Hirokazu Hasegawa (Assistant Professor, Information Strategy Office, Nagoya University)

Graduate Research Student

Otgonpurew Mendsaikhan


Junko Sakaguchi


Riku Ohmiya
Shun Tobiyama
Takeshi Hirai
Tennen Ra
Takuya Sakakibara
Jun Kikuchi


Ryoya Kawasaki
Toshitaka Yagi
Katsutaka Ito
Takumi Takekoshi


Tomoki Ito
Seiya Takagi
Shuji Ohashi
Daichi Fukuda