Welcome to Shimada Laboratory

Our main research and develop area is largely depends on networking because we are working as Infrastructural Network Research Group, Advanced Networking Division, Information Technology Center, Nagoya University. The core topics are development of information systems via network, study on its basic technologies, and study on security of the various systems. Furthermore, current network management is largely connected to cyber-security including network security so that we are promoting researches about them.

Research Topics

  • Network Management related Researches

    We are promoting researches on network management because staffs are working on campus wide network management at Information Technology Center. For example, there are still specification amendment to IPv6 which is a next generation Internet Protocol so that

    • Develop technologies issued caused by the specifications amendment of IPv6
    • Develop dynamic network management with OpenFlow
    • Detect fake wireless LAN access point (Rogue AP) with delay fluctuation
  • Network Security related Researches

    The Internet and Web Applications are essential infrastructures for for businesses, E-governments, and so on. However, it is used for many incidents and crimes, such as malware, phishing, and information leakages. In order to detect preechos of malicious activities and take measures in advance, we develop various attack observation systems, malware analysis systems, and malicious traffic analysis systems.

    • Develop methods to identify new malware and new malicious traffic
    • Network management cope with both attack containment and business continuity
    • ACL rule generation from open access information
  • Cyber-Security related Researches

    Cyber-security is largely related to network security, however, education and knowledge construction for improving security level are also important research area.

    • Security knowledge construction from open access information
    • Attack detection and accommodation to ML/DNN application systems
    • Countermeasure to privacy abusing via Potentially Unwanted Applications
    • Curriculum analysis to develop information security course development


Associate Professor

Hajime Shimada

Collaborative Professor

Hiroki Takakura (Professor, National Institute of Informatics)
Hirokazu Hasegawa (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics)

Invited Professor

Hideki Ando


Yukiko Yamaguchi


Rizka Reza pahlevi


Takeshi Ogawa
Akira Matsunami


Souta Sugiura
João Vitor Assis Ribeiro
Ma Mingshi


Yusya Yazuju
Syota Kiba